...or import text, images, videos, audios

Upload your media or import content from third-party services like Youtube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud....

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...or co-create amazing interactive stories

An advanced online editing tool for your media, to play them in a Timeline with an intuitive and easy Drag & Drop editor.

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...and share your creation across the web

Publish all your creations anywhere to networks like Facebook, Twitter or in CMS like Drupal and Wordpress ...

Mix the Web and be a Media

3WDOC is the first browser-based authoring and publishing application made in HTML5 for digital storytelling

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- Create beautiful & interactive stories in the Cloud -

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  • The aim of 3WDOC?

    3WDOC aims to help as many people around the world to create interactive stories on the web. These stories can take any type of multimedia format and integrate text, photo, video, audio, maps...

  • Create a new sequence

    The sequence is one of the basic elements of 3WDOC...

  • Add a video

    With picture and audio, the video is an essential component in creating with 3WDOC...